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ERA-PLANET features on the latest Special Issue of “Environmental Science & Policy”, with an editorial written by its Projects’ coordinators: “The science-policy interfaces of the European network for observing our changing planet: From EO to co-designed policy-driven scenarios

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3-4 December ERA-PLANET Annual Meeting

December 3-4 it will be held online the annual ERA-PLANET project meeting. ERA-PLANET is the European network for sharing Big Data generated by in situ or satellite platforms in order to reinforce the European Research Space in the Earth observation sector.

December 3

The first day will be opened by a welcome from Jean Dusart (European Commission) and Nicola Pirrone (CNR), then continue with a brief excursion about the goals achieved up until now and future strategies.

Then all Projects coordinators will illustrate the progress being made and the major achievements in their respective fields.

December 4

The second day will open with a talk co-chaired by Paolo Mazzetti (CNR) and Joan Masò (CREAF), about “Where we stand on the development of user-oriented demonstrators for selected show cases”.

It will then continue with a panel of all Projects coordinators, chaired by Katerina Sebkova (MU-RECETOX).

The meeting will then end discussing ERA-PLANET Research Strategic Agenda and “Outreach, dissemination and joint publications”.

Download a pdf of the Agenda.


SMURBS partners meet virtually this year, due to the pandemic restrictions. The PM3 Annual Meeting will be held online on  10- 11 November 2020. During the meeting, SMURBS people will deliver the current status of the project and the latest advancements of selected solutions, while they will interact by using innovative software towards accomplishing the next targets.

You may find the Agenda of the working meeting here.



How can satellite data contribute to city resilience and sustainability? How can innovation take one step further towards operation? Τhese crucial questions were answered at the online workshop “Space for cities: from innovation to operation” organized by EURISY, on the 27th of October 2020, with SMURBS contributing significantly with its EO-based urban solutions.   

Dr. Evangelos Gerasopoulos (NOA) was invited to contribute to the discussion about the use of satellite data to monitor Urban Health, giving a talk on “Monitoring air quality in cities: the SMURBS SDG indicator 11.6.2 Earth Observation Platform“. The online platform, that utilizes EO data to assess a specific AQ health-related indicator set within the frame of SDGs (11.6.2), was introduced to the audience, with further discussion about the perspectives and challenges of its use. The talk concluded with a quick round of polls among the audience, that highlighted the perceived usefulness of the service to potential stakeholders.

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The solution FloodHub+, a component of the smart urban portfolio of SMURBS, is now actuated in the critical area of Mandra, Attica. FloodHub+, developed and implemented by the BEYOND Center of Excellence, deploys high-resolution Sentinel data (retrieved by Copernicus), hydrological and hydraulic models, in situ, and crowd-sourced data towards flood monitoring and management.

On October, 22, local representatives from the Attica Region, the Fire Brigade, the Civil Protection, and the Municipalities and Volunteer Associations of the region were introduced to FloodHub+ by BEYOND representatives. The engagement of stakeholders is two-fold: they got trained to the provided capabilities/assets of FloodHub+ and they were certified to provide the crowd-sourced data at a dedicated web-platform, through a PC or a mobile phone. Floodhub+ provides an operational assessment of the estimation of the water level and of the flood extent in real-time, towards optimized disaster management by all the aforementioned entities.

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Prof. Anthony Lehmann was proud to present to the rest of the ERA-PLANET consortium and to its project officer, Jean Dussart, the numerous progresses made in all the work packages of GEOEssential at the annual meeting that took place 10-11 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium. Even though GEOEssential is a very interdisciplinary project, the partners have adopted the proposed framework and are advancing according to the work plan. The GEOEssential consortium is particularly satisfied with the following achievements. Read mora at


SMURBS funded 3 new hydrometeorological stations within its FloodHub+ solution developed and implemented by the BEYOND Center of Excellence.
The stations have been set up, in collaboration with the Region of Attica and Metrica SA, in critical spots of the drainage basin of Mandra-Magoula-Elefsina, an area severely affected by the extreme weather events of 2017, which costed several human lives. Rainfall, water level, water supply, average surface water velocity, wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and solar radiation will be provided to the competent operational centers every 5-15 minutes, contributing significantly to real-time disaster management.

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The successful 16th Recetox Summer School and SMURBS Training School 2020 went down in history.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemia, the summer school was carried out through an online platform from 15 to 19 June 2020.
Participation exceeded expectations, confirming the great interest in the health-relevant topics covered by the 21 speakers: Smart Cities, Urban Air Quality, Smart sensors, Urban Exposome, Environmental Epidemiology, and Geospatial Data as well as Indoor Air Quality.

A broad audience – more than 200 participants- coming from 44 countries, at a glance: 73% from Universities, 16% from Research Institutes, 3,5% from Companies, 6,5% from Ministries and State Organizations.

SMURBS co-organizers introduced to the participants the state-of-the-art in the field and cutting-edge research conducted within the project.

Warm thanks to the hosts (MUNI Recetox) for the whole organization, all speakers, and the following partners of SMURBS for their time and devotion: Jennifer Bailey, Eleni Athanasopoulou, Iasonas Stavroulas, Despina Paraskevopoulou, Sofia Pomakidou, Jenny Linden,  Martin Ramacher, Panagiotis Nastos, Kostas Eleftheriadis, Evangelia Diapouli, Haris Kontoes, Nefta Votsi, and Evangelos Gerasopoulos.

SMURBS believes that a new, environmentally sensitive society is born!

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