Specific objectives of ERA-PLANET are:

  1. To prepare and launch a two-stage joint transnational call structured along the following Strands:
  2. To fund projects according to a priority list set by external experts.
  3. To monitor funded projects and to report progress accordingly.
  4. To develop a strategic research agenda to reinforce the ERA and to coordinate the cross- and inter-cooperation of European and national programs in key and selected EO domains.
  5. To coordinate initiatives with the aim to improve the interoperability among the existing and future projects on EO and links to the GCI.

The project objectives exhibit the capacity of ERA-PLANET to reply to the key challenge of the call and specifically aim to simplify access to the information required by decision makers and bring together and strengthen the European national and regional research and innovation programmes in the EO domain. ERA- PLANET will attempt to go beyond the coordination of EO during its implementation and will establish initiatives to survive after the duration of the project.