ERA-PLANET Joint Transnational Call


This transnational call for collaborative projects is open to ERA-PLANET beneficiaries. It will use a two-step selection process to choose the most innovative and competitive proposals related to four specific themes:

  • -Smart cities and resilient societies,

  • -Resource efficiency and Environmental management,

  • -Global changes and Environmental treaties,

  • -Polar areas and Natural resources.



Action Date
Publication date of the Trans-national Call (Step-1) CLOSED
Closing date for step-1 proposals CLOSED
Feedback to all proposers regarding the outcome of Step-1 CLOSED
Step-2: Start Date of the Trans-national Call (Step-2) CLOSED
Closing date for submission of Step-2 Trans-national Call for proposals CLOSED
Closing date for submission of fund requested to MIUR CLOSED
Communication of final results CLOSED
Start of the projects 1 September 2017
Mid-term report 15 January 2019
End of projects 30 June 2020

Any questions can be directed to our helpdesk.



Smart Cities and Resilient Societies




Resource Efficiency and Environmental



Global change

and Environmental




Polar Areas and Natural Resources